How to negotiate with Car Insurance Surveyor

If your car is involved in an accident, you must notify the car insurance company of the accident and submit all necessary documentation. The auto insurance then sends an appraiser who submits a report to the auto insurance company on the amount of the bill to be paid. If you made a claim for Rs 1,00,000 but the car insurance only gives you Rs 75,000. Then you will have your own surveyor investigate the incident. He/she informs that he/she is entitled to a higher claim. If so, the steps you can take are detailed below. You can go to the auto insurance company with your arguments. If this does not happen, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman and then contact the Insurance Development and Supervision Authority of India (IRDAI). If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can take the legal route and go to court. In such cases, a solution is not readily available. Inspectors are required by law to be appointed for any claim of more than Rs 20,000 related to damage to the vehicle or building. IRDAI allows the insured or auto insurance to designate one and it is common for policyholders to designate inspectors. These are independent authorities who can work on behalf of the insured or the automobile insurance company. Auto insurance does not have to accept the expert report requested by the insured. Some of the steps the insured can take in such a scenario include:

Leave the accident scene intact

You must leave the accident site intact. It is best to repair things only after the inspector finishes investigating the incident. If you use the car, the insurance company may deny your claim. Do not take the vehicle out in the event of an accident in your car.

Submit a full claims report

Your complaint report must be complete and duly substantiated. If your car is damaged, you must correctly describe the damage. If you don't mention certain dents and claim them as a separate claim, auto insurance can always reject them in the event of an accident. A copy of the FIR, especially if there is a third party injury, photos of the incident, their injuries, and testimony would help in your case.

Backing up transaction logs

It is recommended that you have a copy of any conversations you have had with an insurance agent and a surveyor. All emails must also be logged. If the surveyor later changes the report, these documents can be helpful.

Differentiate between old and new damages

It is your responsibility to provide evidence of the last damage suffered by the insured during a damage report. If you do not report new damages in a timely manner, the car insurance will say it is an old claim and reject your claim. HOW TO APPLY FOR CAR INSURANCE AFTER AN ACCIDENT IN INDIA?