Health Insurance policy for Hypertension patients

Living with high blood pressure can be expensive and seriously affect your savings.

When Arun went to the doctor for his routine checkup, he was amused to learn that his blood pressure was above normal and that he had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Realizing that his high-risk factors could lead to cardiovascular disease and kidney failure, he immediately decided to get personalized health insurance knowing it could ruin his finances. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is ranked as the third-highest risk factor for attributable diseases in India. Research also shows that the overall prevalence of high blood pressure in the country is around 30%, affecting more than 320 lakh. While you can't control the contraction of the disease with a sedentary lifestyle and pressures at work, you can still try to keep yourself protected from major medical emergencies that could drain all your savings.

Can prove fatal hypertension

Hypertension can occur for a number of reasons, and stress is high on the list. Modern lifestyle and events in your personal or professional life can cause stress that leads to high blood pressure. It can cause many serious health problems like heart attack, brain hemorrhage, kidney problems, etc. Even mildly high blood pressure can lead to a stroke. Rising inflation in the medical sector makes it very difficult to recoup the high medical costs of treating these diseases. People are also willing to go to private hospitals for quality treatment, but they have very high costs in terms of medical fees, medications, diagnostic tests, and hospital expenses, etc.

A point in time is worth nine

Buying health insurance well in advance will protect your hard-earned money from these medical or hospital costs while ensuring timely preventive care and quality treatment. A well-researched health insurance plan can help you focus on getting the best possible medical care instead of worrying about expenses that could make your health worse. In addition, these factors make you purchase health insurance for yourself as soon as possible without expecting a misfortune. Waiting Period: Hypertension has a waiting period of 2-4 years like any pre-existing disease. Therefore, purchasing health insurance early is a prudent approach, as you can claim benefits in the event of a long hospital stay. Lower premiums: By purchasing health insurance at an early age, you pay lower health insurance premiums. Also, if the illness is less severe, the premiums are likely to be lower. High blood pressure can be a strain on your wallet, but having health insurance can reduce this effect and you can focus on getting back in shape.