Car Insurance claim without driving license and RC

There are some basic documents that are associated with comprehensive auto insurance. You will need these basic documents/details to complete the insurance policy and make a claim. For example, when purchasing a policy, you will need the vehicle's engine number and policy number to make a claim. However, insurance is associated with uncertainties. There may be cases where some of the basic documentation requirements are not met due to exceptional circumstances. Complaints can also be raised and resolved in such cases. Also, the loss of license and the RC add-on can enhance your comprehensive insurance coverage. Keep reading to know more.

Car insurance claim without a driver's license and RC:

Can you make a car insurance claim without a driver's license? The answer is yes. Can we do this without an RC? The answer is based on the conditions and complexity of the situation, but it can be done. Buying a lost license or RC add-on can help too. A driver's license is not required to buy a car. The simple reason is that you can buy a car but don't want to drive it. You can hire a driver. However, the driver must have a valid driver's license, which is required at the time of the complaint. Also, there can be a significant amount of time between buying a car and registering it. What if something happens to the car? If you have a comprehensive policy, everything should be fine. Alternatively, if you have lost important documents, an add-on like Lost License or RC can be helpful.